Thursday, 3 April 2008

10 Ways to give your blog a buzz with Caffeine Creativity -

At last! scientific justification for my habit.

Dr Jonathan Geiger University of North Dakota (I couldn't help imagining people making faster and faster clicking noises as he walks towards you) claims that Daily caffeine 'protects brain' This is especially good news if your Rabbit has a blog as caffeine it seems prevents de-generative brain disorders.

In order to test the hypothesis I am currently drinking a big mug of coffee...let's see what seems to be working...

1. Do several varieties of the same post...(latte post, mocha post, with chocolate etc)

2. Ask the cream of the blogging community to do guest posts

3. Filter news sites for inspiration

4. Make sure there is a lid on your post so that you don't overspill

5. Post something every time you make a fresh cup of coffee.

6. Write a post about what your are really addicted too...the coffee or the posting

7. Write a Post entitled 'Bean There Done That' (groan)

8. Take time out to let your ideas percolate

9. Write a post on a Hat and a pair of Trousers and title it Cap and Chino

10. Check Wikipedia to find out if 'You f'coffee' really is a Chinese insult.


  1. Great blog. I just wanted to remind you, that you have no comments.

  2. You're sounding as bad as me, RR. I drink coffee in 48 oz lots. I've been wishing that it would move this "lead butt syndrome" of mine from granny gear into at least first gear.

    Oh, and if you're anything like me, I could give a rip whether anyone leaves a comment or not. :P~~~
    My stats counters are very happy. That's what floats my boat as well as Technorati's boat.

  3. rr - you are a wag!

    I've BEAN thinking about the role of caffeine in blogging myself - anything to ease the GRIND - but I had to give up when I ran out of puns!

  4. Always trying to do things to the Max, well at least it almsot brought the house down.

    Isn't there a quaint little coffee shop up your way Daisy? The Ness Cafe?