Thursday, 10 April 2008

Is The Recycling Of Marketing Ideas Causing Web Pollution?

Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion has published a really interesting provocative post discussing how
Many Marketers Pollute the Web

I think Steve gives cause for us all to think about the authenticity, integrity, and depth of understanding of the marketing philosophy shown by marketing executives and so called business gurus. I agree entirely with his observation that the interweb is cluttered with half baked marketing ideas and simplistic methodologies all claiming to deliver the next geewhizz breakthrough or simply recycle standard methodologies and dress them in new clothes. Marketing as a profession continues to face challenges to its gravitas and credibility.

The discerning reader will realise, of course, that marketing without integrity is simply intended to dupe the gullible. The promising news is that Web 2.0 shows the good, the bad and ugly in close proximity so that it is easier to benchmark the quality of what is being presented, and no doubt as more and more people hone their critical information skills then the 'pollution' that Steve talks about should get mopped up by the detergent of reader/researcher expertise.

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  1. not only all of the above, what about all the old non used sites laying around with tons of misinformation.

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