Thursday, 10 April 2008

The E Number is Up

Not that any parents of need to be told that E Numbers send young kids hyper, just throw an M&M party and you could power the lights in a small town for a month.

You're not telling me that the creators of these things didn't know what they were doing? Even the names would make a druge dealer feel inferior. So its good news that tehre are calls for them to be banned

Take Allura Red The MSN Encarta dictionary definition of allure is attract powerfully: to exert a very powerful and often dangerous attraction on somebody Somebody's having a laugh aren't they?!

This is techno-commercialism really trying to exploit the gullibility of the consumer by taking advantage of our trust and lack of scientific knowledge. Those involved should be going E162 in shame!

1 comment:

  1. And they told us that lolly cigarettes and cigars are very bad for our children (no special ingredients in them!)... hell just give'em dexamphetamines as a lolly too.. maybe cocaine flavored wizfiz!