Monday, 21 April 2008

Blogging: A Symptom of Technology Dependency?

Is Blogging a symptom of technology dependency or is it an authentic expression of individual power and autonomy?

I'm sure that many of you of you will have thought at some time just how precariously modern western society relies on the highly specialised technical knowledge of a few boffins, and this article about how a recently developed Nano switch hints at future chips really brings the point home. Imagine...your PC breaks and you simply thump it with a hammer to re-arrange its atoms to get it going again!

Like all things Nano it can't be seen and yet it has the potential to radically transform the products we use and therefore what they are capable of and how we use them. The thing is, our dependency is directly proportional to technical specialism and as the father of a close friend often says "We're only one power cut away from the Stone Age"

At the other end of the scale there seems to be a desire to get back to the earth and driven by rising food prices talk of having your own allotment seems to one way of getting 'back in control'. There seems to be something very satisfying about the thought growing your own chips which is probably the primeval urge that is driving the technologists!

I guess then owning an allotment is a bit like blogging, the individual key pad is mightier than the Media Tycoons empire, in the same way that the individual gardener is mightier than the Wal-Mart. The irony is that without the 'geekery' I wouldn't be posting this and you wouldn't be reading it, so it seems that we have interdependency between the high tech and the low tech.

Our blogs then are much like allotments, little pieces of the techno sphere that we can call our own, in which we can grow what we want, spend happy hours tending and developing to the level of our capability and interest. Our PCs become our 'sheds' to which we escape, ponder, and plan what we are going to plant next.

I think that we'd be rather gullible to be overly dependent on technology so I'm still left wondering which sort of chips are the best, silicon, graphene, or potato?

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