Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Gullp! This Looks Serious

Mary Ann recently posted something which I believe is extremely important to us all. There is some debate however as to whether we have a viral, technical, or psychological problem on our hands.

There is growing research to suggest that Gullibility is a primary factor in the process of human evolution, and analysis of the early papers by Charles Darwin reveal that despite explaining the process of evolution he struggled to identify the cause. It is a little known fact that his ship was named The Seagull (with obvious gulling connotations) only to become known as The Beagle due to a misspelling during a particularly stormy night in the Pacific.

It is becoming clear now that Gullibility is a fundamental pre-cursor to much of human social activity and necessary in identification of the 'un-fit' as in 'not suited for' the prevailing environment.

The contagious power of Gullibility should not be underestimated and as Bob Cialdini shows Social Proof is one of the most effective ways to collect a following of 'gullees' Honestly!!!!!! Its True!!!!!!Believe Me!!!!!!

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  1. Wellll, shiver me timbers! Today's a great day for a good belly laugh if I've ever seen one.

    [enter maniacal laughter here]