Monday, 28 April 2008

A Million Blog Post Questions

It's a mistake to think that Blogs are the place to go for answers. As an aspect of human behaviour blogging raises more questions than is solves.

What is the meaning of a blog post? More interestingly 'where' is the meaning of a blog post? Is the meaning in the post itself? Does the content clarify something, does it give advice? does it educate you about something?

How does it do this to you? What if it doesn't do anything more than turn your attention to a subject? What happens then? A blog post can only provoke you to think it can't do anything more than that, the rest is down to you. Which bits do you connect with? Which bits pass you by? Why do they do this? How do some pieces of information stand out as different enough to be noticed? How do you feel about missing something significant because you haven't the time or energy to read all the blog posts in the world? If blog posts are that important how come no business have closed down because they don't engage in blogging? How come therapists clinics aren't packed with people because they aren't taking heed of the mass of Life Hack advice? How come there aren't millionaires by the bank vault load because of all the monetization advice?

What if blogs are meaningless? Why are so many blogs about providing answers rather than asking questions? Why are blogs that seem to provide ready answers really popular? Are they really popular? Does this mean that most people don't want to think for themselves? Are blogs a form of solitary confinement? Is the notion of social-networking misplaced? What is the value in connecting to people you have never met? How come the human race has done fine without blogging up until now? What happens if all the servers go down? Who benefits from blogging? How do people become opinion leaders? Is it the high quality of leader? Or is it the poor quality of the follower? Do people who blog know something more than people who don't? Does blogging have an effect? If so on who? How?

Does a blog post that asks more questions than it provides answers attract more visitors than one that doesn't?

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