Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Stuck In Bloggings Revolving Door

Where does being stuck in a revolving door lead? My experience of blogging often seems like I'm just going around in circles. Chasing the 'long tail' and being constantly confronted with the fact that I can't catch it!

In terms of 'creative' output I've probably generated an equivalent number of 'items' to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones in a much shorter period. Not that I'm claiming my posts compare in brilliance. What is interesting is the point at which the creative gold seam finishes? Is there a finite limit to what anybody (no matter how talented) can create?

Presently I'm pondering on what a blog 'DOES', it started out as an investigation so it was means of exploration, then it became a means of self -expression, then a medium for sharing insights and points of view, then an attempt at informing and educating, then commentary and observation, and now?...

I'm stuck in the revolving door. Will my readership increase? If I stop now will the energy expended last year have been a waste of time? What if the next post is the one that breaks through the subscription and visitor barrier. Just like the gambler...just one more, just more ...this next one will be the one...just one more revolution. Surely the emotional and time investment I've made will be worth it. When will I see an ROI. Actually what is the 'R' I'm looking for?

Maybe there are some clues about the reality of blogging Here

Maybe if we had spiral revolving doors that would be different.

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