Friday, 11 April 2008

The McCanns The Matthews & The Massification of Misery

According to Urban Dictionary something is massificated when it turns something into an object of mass consumption.

Nothing could be more true of the Mcann and Matthews stories, and I wonder if like me you are beginning to question the personal and societal impact of sharing in the despair and misery of other people.

Naturally the use of mass media to alert people to a missing child is a good thing, but are we equipped to continually share in the personalHell of everyone else in the world?

Life can throw some pretty crap stuff at us, and presumably we need to be resilient enough to deal with it when it happens. If our emotional energy is always being sapped by the massification of other people's troubles then surely we must be less able to help ourselves when the time comes? There are professionals who choose a vocation dealing with the stuff we don't need to deal with until we have to so why the obsession with wall to wall misery?

What do you think?

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