Thursday, 4 October 2007

Britney - private tragedy - public entertainment

Yet another example of the unintended side effects of fame. When you're in the entertainment business you really are 'in the entertainment business'

Now isn't that a classic case of Gullibility. Not anticipating the consequences of your decisions, assuming that, as things were in the past they will continue to be in the future, and presuming that the way the ordinary 'wrinkles' of life have previously been ironed out with your money, success, adulation and body guards, the exceptional wrinkles in life can be 'ironed' out in the same way too.

Britney, just like the rest of us is facing one of those times where her whole world is being 're-designed' around her - past certainties don't apply. Check out any reading on Transitions and the pattern that emerges is that we enter a really challenging and disorientating space before we can come out (hopefully) the other side with a new, more developed world view and identity. Beck and Cowan in Spiral Dynamics refer to this space as the Gamma Stage for example.

For most of us when a marriage or relationship breaks down this is done relatively privately, and for some, the mad drinking, reckless out on the town excursions, re-learning chat up lines, re-learning how to handle chat-up lines are all part of the process of re-framing our world view. For Britney she is doing it for millions, and at a personal cost and risk that is as un-familiar to us as was her success.

Who is advising and caring for her in this process? Sure, she may have been Bratney Spears, however she deserves the right to 'sort' this stage of her life out without being made into a side-show spectatcular. AND...if its herself that seems to insist on being that side-show then shame on the inept 'management company' for ducking out 'for professional reasons' (..they can't make money I presume?) Someone in that crappy little business should have seen a more profound and deeper solution to the problem of their client and advised accordingly.


  1. It always amazes me the opinions people want to share about someone they don't know.
    Whoops - I've just done it haven't I?
    ...... in a way.

  2. I guess that's the irony of what I'm trying to say...None of us know Britney yet all of us know her too. This means that intensely private issues are debated by me and others, often, as co-creators of the entertainment. Whereas if she was more private she'd just be getting 'bladdered' in some local bar / night club and no one would give a damn.

  3. I think the press should leave her alone so she can handle her life. There are kids involved. Enough said.

    They should be her main concern. Once you give birth, you are no longer one individual.