Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Gullibility of Marion Jones

image credit BBC

It seems that every aspect of human aspiration can have a dark side, which we unconsciously delete, or purposefully ignore as we strive towards its attainment. Denial of this 'dark-side' leaves us susceptible to mistakes of judgement because we are failing to consider our position holistically.

Miss Jones was seduced by the lure of success and an over-emphasis on success regardless of the cost.

A vicious circle ensued, that became self reinforcing. The greater the success, the greater the authority and voice, the greater the sense of her personal infallibility. That was...until the dissonance within her (pushed along by challenges and accusations) meant she stepped into her Gamma zone and she had to recocile the reality with the facade

The 'on the courtroom steps' speech was heavily 'therapeutic' in its tone and language. "I'm to blame, I've been stupid etc". The prospect for learning seems quite good.

And...I'm left feeling...So What, this all just 'so what'...this is what humans do, and its her turn to have a go...Do they do Gold medals in Self Deprecation these days?

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  1. Hi Robinson,
    I fully agree with your views:
    ..'Do they do Gold medals in Self Deprecation these days?..'
    This is a stark reality. A good post.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.
    Good luck.