Thursday, 25 October 2007

WOW! another award

Another surprise in the e-mail today when Jackie who created The Painted Veil has given Gullibility a Silver Recommended Read. Judges Jackie and Zubli are fantastic community builders and faciltators and for me represent the good things about social-networking.

I find it amazing that there are still so many people that are unaware of the social-media/ networking phenomeon. I was facilitating a management development session yesterday and only 2 people out of 25 had any idea what MyBloglog, Digg, Delicious, Stumble, Technorati etc were. When we discussed the theme more the 'scales fell from their eyes' as they saw it a way to improve all sorts of information and knowledge management problems they were having that 'conevntional' methods and technologies couldn't sort out.

I'd point them to Jackie and Zubli every time as exemplars of how to create and develop vitual communities...Rock on Guys!!!!

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