Saturday, 20 October 2007

Through Which Lens Do You See the World?

Do like to see structure and hierarchy, order and neat systems? Is the world out there simply mirrored in your mind as it is 'out there'?

In which case you probably like to make sense of the world through a Modernist gaze

On the other hand, things might appear as they seem, we might not be able to trust our senses to report an accurate view of the world. We might even play a part in constructing the reality we perceive.

In which case a Post -Modern gaze might be for you.

Whatever the case, unless we learn that all of our theories of causal explanation and all of our theories for success are encoded with our philosophical assumptions we stand a chance of becoming very very good at being gullible.


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  2. I have to compartmentalise, as most people do, to cope. I like to keep the windows clean though, so I can see what else is going on.

  3. That's interesting Daddy P. I'm glad to see that you have windows rather than 'a' window. Do have a particular one that you prefer looking throuhg though?

  4. Not really - I try and keep turning my head in all directions. I need to remind myself to do it on occasions.