Friday, 5 October 2007

Pay Per Post reduces initial sense of Gullibility

A few posts back I shared with you how I'd seen adverts on various blogs about Pay Per Post and how I had no idea about how it worked and what the implications were for my blog, its readership, or my gullibility.

I wasn't sure what the 'idea' was so I simply gave it a go, based on the promise that if my introductory post was approved I would get $20. Well I am delighted to tell you that the promise was kept and I have just received $20.Blimey! (how British LOL)

Keeping a critical eye on the process, I was wondering what the 'catch' was, when I realised that, in actual fact the whole process was very familiar to me from my commercial days. Essentially (apart from the obvious network marketing process) Pay Per Post is a way of creating a form of Advertorial where products and services are 'promoted' inside an editorial review. You get paid a scalable fee for publishing this advertorial on your blog.

The idea is to convey trust and authenticity, that is sometimes not there with standard advertising. So, in one sense it relies on the reader being a tiny bit 'gullible' concerning the true purpose of the text.

Nevertheless it does allow for a more elaborate and detailed review of the product and service, which provided the reader recognises that it is written from a 'pro' product/service perspective is fine.

Of course, you will know that there are criticisms of the Pay Per Post idea, some bloggers feel that it compromises the 'true' nature & spirit of social networking, others claim that the process for being accepted on PPP for post opportunities is a quite hit and miss. What I can say is PPP have been true to their word so far, and so let's see how it goes. I certainly won't be falling fornaive inductivism and assuming that good news will continue adinfinitum.

Any how, if the PPP idea doesn't offend your blogging values, why not give it a go? Imagine...getting $20 for doing what you are good at because its an interesting new experience.

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