Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Wafa Sultan criticises fellow Muslims on Al Jazeera

A secular Muslim woman, called Wafa Sultan, a psychologist by profession, stands up for her own rights and the rights of religious and secular people around the world.

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The body language of the cleric is most interesting. Beck and Cowan in Spiral Dynamics (p46) characterise what is taking place in this video as a clash between what they call the Blue valueMeme and the Orange+ vMeme.

The Blue vMeme sees a world where you... Sacrifice oneself to the transcendent Cause,Truth, Right Path, The order enforces code of conduct based on eternal absolute principals, Righteous living produces stability now and guarantees future reward. Impulsivity is controlled through guilt , everybody has their proper place, Law regulations and discipline build character and moral fibre.The challenge facing a Blue vMeme is that it cannot conceive / understand vMemes beyond itself.

The Orange vMeme believes that change and advancement are inherent, progress comes from learning natures secrets, manipulate the resources of the eart for common good, optimistic, societies prosper through strategy, technology and competitiveness.

Beyond Orange are Green vMeme, feeling sensitivity, spread earth's resources, reconciliation, refresh spirituality, Yellow vMeme, life is a kaleidoscope of natural hierarchies sytems and forms, flexibility, spontaneity, knowledge and competency supersede rank, power and status, differences can be integrated, Turquosie vMeme holistic intuitive thinking, everything connects to everything else, the world is a single dynamic organism...and then comes the Coral vMeme.

On page 235 of Sprial Dynamics Beck and Cowan suggest that the Blue Motto is 'who goes there, friend or foe' going on to say "people respond judgementally, not compassionately, when their BLUE is engaged understanding and tolerance are limited.And on p238 offers an explanation for what happens when blue exits to orange "The truth for BLUE/orange is what one hears from one's own respected proper authority. there is no latitude for deviation from this interpretation.." p243 exiting this phase can be turbulent and strife ridden.

So, it looks like I'm a person of the book!, I've read the text, selected some interesting passages and presented them to you, if I was BLUE I'd say you would have to read and believe, however I prefer that you make up your own mind.

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