Sunday, 28 October 2007

Who Are The Real Halloween Pumpkin Heads?

So the little monsters are being demonised according to this article Halloween Kids Demonised!

Surely everyone is missing the point here, and no, I'm not banging on about connections with the Dark Arts or concerns over 'normalising' what would typically be described as harrasment, begging, extortion and blackmail as 'just childish fun'

I'm talking about the total lack of critical-thinking in the way that we are duped into participating in what is nothing less than a Retail Scam. The sole and only purpose of the modern Halloween trick or treat mentatlity is to generate retail sales of cheap plastic teeth, large orange vegetables, and green face paint.

What other 'celebrations' are likely to be targets as retailers strive to avoid the cyclical (should that be sicklical?) ups and downs of their business? I'm sure they are scanning Wikipedia
as we speak.

So who are the real pumpkin heads here? Why don't we simply spend 365 days celebrating the cheeky antics of the Wallet Imp who mysteriously sneeks into our bank accounts and nicks all of our money!

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