Friday, 12 October 2007

Who said the Truth is Black and White

Eight men are accused of tricking victims that chemicals could turn paper into money.

I have to admit that listening to this story initially brought a smile, and then I thought, hold on, who's to say that I wouldn't have been duped in the same way.

BBC News Money Scam

The ususal suspects of a)lack of critical thinking, b)unwarranted expectation of significant benefit, c)not probing for details, d) the slick confidence of the perpetrators, all left the victims in a state of gullibility.

And it looks like it is world wide too Nigerian Marked Currency Scam

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  1. I much preferred this story - . So much more elegant and old-fashioned. It was like something out of an Ealing COmedy. For those of you too lazy to go to the page it was the recent news story of the Glasgow gang sent to prison for forging twenty pound bank notes. The forger was nicknamed Hologram Tam because of his skill at creating really good fake notes, complete with hologram. What a talent. Naughty men of course and had to go to prison but at least they had skill and weren't just blagging people in their homes. There was something reassuringly old-fashioned about the whole thing.