Monday, 29 October 2007

Royal Blackmail? Saudi king chides UK on terrorism

HRH King Abdullah exercises his right to Freedom of Speech in this report from the BBC.

Is the implication that if you don't 'try harder' to defeat the terrorists we won't buy any more planes off you, or perhaps we might just hike the price of crude up a bit.

He will know, of course, that the deaths and injuring of my countrymen and women, and their brothers and sister in arms from other nations around the world has preserved this right to speak freely. I am delighted he has had the opportunity to make this observation publicly and without censorship.


  1. I heard the story on the Today programme. Clever media manipulation - I guess he's got some savvy PR advice. Start a new hare running for the media to chase and the real stories will get overlooked. I was really irritated with the BBC for falling for this non-story. They even had it as their lead headline at one point.

  2. Power and the socially constructed world eh!