Saturday, 27 October 2007

Is Your Mind like Your Garage?

photo credit howard french

They say owners look like their dogs, well I wonder if you agree that garages reflect the mind of the owner!

I moved house 8 years ago and there are boxes of things that I just 'had to save and remember from the past', something to keep 'for the kids'...and do I do any of these things ...of course not. The stuff from the past is not relevant, any lessons worth keeping have been absorbed and become part of me, the junk boxes of 'perhaps's and maybe's' aren't really needed, and as for the kids...why would they want any of my old stuff? they'll want to do things their way and rightly so!

My garage sure needs are sort out, I'd like to open the door and see everything orderly and tidied away. What I need is something like these:

garage storage cabinets

The people at Car Guy have got is sussed. They know that the physical spaces we create around us probably reflect the mental spaces we have.

Time to sort out the clutter!!


  1. Hiya - well that made me think! In my case there is no room in my garage for a car given the amount of junk in there! Time for a clean out for me as well!

  2. Thanks for comment Scott - so I'm not alone ha ha. The whole subject of what is 'tidy' is discussed in a wonderful metalouge by Gregory Bateson in Steps to and Ecology of Mind...a great 'pre-read' if you want to introduce notion of world views and categorisation to clients!