Sunday, 14 October 2007

Climate Change Makes You Overweight!

CDC Foundation

Lucky readers will have picked up a free pair of 'bull-shit' deflectors and a pair of 'sanity goggles' with the last edition of Gullibility. ...just in time to save them from being duped by this latest story from the BBC entitled Obesity As Bad as Climate Change

Now, notwithstanding the personal challenges obesity might bring, and the burden on medi-care etc. I fail to see the comparison, between a situation that affects the whole planet and mankind's future existence and the potential closure of Macdonalds and Burger King.

The gravity (sic) of the problem can in no way be associated with the end of civilisation as we know it. Furthermore the systemic influence of climate change will in effect solve the problem naturally...things will get so hot that people will sweat more, and crops will die so there will be less to eat.

A classic case of the social construction of an issue into crisis. Next month burgeritis will be positioned as a terrorist threat no doubt!


  1. You are absolutely right! That's quite a headline. But it got our attention, didn't it? A desperate measure, I suppose, to garner attention for a popular topic. That gives me an idea for my next post title:
    "Stupidity as Dangerous as Nuclear Waste."

  2. Thanks Keli! You are quite correct that my headline models exactly the point I am making. Just as the BBC has constructed a headline to create an impression of an issue, I have done precisely the same. Now, which of us has more authority? I am also making the point that as with all communications (my post included) we do well to keep our critical faculties well polished.


    ps I think your headline is great!!

  3. I'm glad you brought this subject up.

    My solution to this problem is the same as the government has done for smokers: make them go outside and smoke. Anybody who is overweight or obese (according to the agreed medical measure) must eat outside in all weathers. I'm sure it will have a similar effect.

  4. Interesting idea Matt, I guess the solution will be a combination of Operant Conditioning of which positive punishment is one option. We might also give people tax breaks for being a certain weight? (positive reinforecment), or we reduce the time 'spent outside' if weight loss is shown, (negative reinforcement), or we could disallow overweight people to have holidays (negative punishment). This is all well and good if you subscribe to behaviorist techniques, Cogntive Behavioural Therapists might argue for a change of mind set so that the individual makes 'choices' about a course of action. Today's news on the BBC suggests that a 'soft' lifetstyle has sureptitiously crept on us which means food is easier to get and we use less calories getting it and burning it off afte we have got it. Hmmmmmmmm- what would I have been doing in the 1950s if I wasn't blogging!!! Maybe someone could devise a Blog-Calometer that shows how your weight correlates to the number of posts you create??

  5. Hey RR

    Hope you're doing well.

    Absolutely ludicrous stuff!! Tell you what might be an interesting piece for your blog. In the spirit of Gulilibity, see who can make the most tenuous link between subjects.
    I'm sure if we put our minds to it we could find a way of making Beer Mats responsible for The Northern Rock incident.

  6. What!!!!!!!!they weren't responsible??...and I've ben ripping up everyone I find in the pub as punishment.

    great idea on the Tenuous link - I'll have a think and get back to you on that :)

  7. I heard this story on the BBC and switched off my radio in despair. It's ludicrous to link the two... surely in any case you could utilise all that human bulk to blot out the Sun for a couple of hours a day and so reduce the energy input to the Earth's surface? Think creatively - that's the answer!

  8. Ha ha Daisy, exactly that's what we need some creative thinking...after Grint - Climate Change is a 'wicked' problem that requries innovation not a 'tame' problem that will be solved with traditional solutions...Now we're cooking with gas! they say in 'management speak land'..maybe that phrase ought to be banned as it might be making matters worse LOL