Monday, 10 March 2008

21 Things I've Learned About Blogging


is compulsive
it takes time
is not everyone's cup of tea
requires a steady stream of inspiration
is a never-ending quest for that 'magic-post'
teaches you how to be a discerning reader
shows you how many people in the world think differently to you
makes you realise you are not as funny as you thought
makes you realise you are not as popular as you'd hoped
shows you how un-original you can be
puts you in touch with some fascinating people
reminds you that world is full of charlatans and spivs
reminds you that the world is full of interesting and amazing people
shows that tagging Britney, Barak Obama, American Idol increases traffic
overwhelms you with more information than you can shake a stick at
shows you that everyone in the world is a philosopher
shows you that everyone in the world is a business guru
shows you that everyone in the world has got their take on what good marketing is
shows you that everyone has experiences and opinions they'd like to share
suggests that there aren't many truly original thinkers in the world
makes you do random posts like this when celebrities and politicians keep a low profile


  1. Hi Robinson,
    I like your frank and interesting content here. Blogging is as unique as the blogger himself (or herself). But personally, I found it meaningful, since I can share my thoughts freely and view others' too. Exciting activity. It improves my writing skill too!
    From: Principle of Mathematics.

  2. I agree the uniqueness of everyones views is what I find really interesting...and the fact that views from all over the world can be gathered - thanks for commenting

  3. Fabulous!
    Got it in a, large, nutshell. :)

  4. WHoa.. that just described me the blogger in a few words!

  5. This was something I could relate to. As I read every point I couldnt help but smile to myself.

  6. Excellent list you have here, so true.