Friday, 7 March 2008

Lack of Uniformity? - No Wonder We're Wittering!

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And so, a few more post-modern relativist pigeons come home to roost. The positive aspects of Baby Boomer mentality that permitted diversity and justified criticism of authority are beginning to run their course and loose their helpfulness in contemporary society. Can you believe this!

Now we have people in the UK who don't care about service and duty to others. Our under-educated underclass, self-obsessed, celebophile kyle-esque culture contains a swathe of ignorance that lacks any concept or understanding of the global political issues involved and the daily dangers required to protect our freedoms. The RAF staff at Wittering deserve our thanks and respect. The problem with boomeritis is that it denies standards (expect the standard that it its own way of looking at the world is the best and right one)

It was said of the 'Tommies' in WW1 that they were 'lions led by donkeys'it now seems that the 'Donkeys' are back in the streets of Peterborough.

RR Says:
The Peterborough decision is philosophy in action. It demonstrates where our multi-cultural, multi-faceted society has been heading. Peterborough is an example of the post modern ‘privatisation’ of belief, and our society's slide into ‘relativism’, a place where my truth and your truth are merely ornaments which ‘serve fine if they are to your tastes or mine’ and worryingly leads to a drift onwards into ‘nihilism’ where nothing matters at all, (Simon Blackburn Why Truth matters 2006:9)

Blackburn (2006: xv) is forthright with his description of the relativists position that seems to take the questioning of ‘dogma’ as permission to believe whatever you like and do whatever you want to do.

Not that our armed forces would ask...but maybe these people would be willing to publicly forgo their right to defence by our by our military as willingly as they publicly pull them down?

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