Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Mystical Book Meme

The nearest book to me is Organizations in Depth by Yiannis Gabriel, concerning the application of psychoanalysis to organisations, and as such is key element of any approach to understanding people and organisations from a Critical Theory perspective. OOHHHHHHHHHHH the crowd roars as RR dives to his left and plucks the volume of his bookshelf and zooms straight to page 123

I was tagged by Daisy Puddock

The rules are:

1. Look up page 123 in the book nearest to you right now.

2. Find the fifth sentence and write it down.

3. Tag some other folk.

here goes...

"Questions of Constitutionality and determinations of entrapment by law enforcement personnel were outside the bounds of the Judges instructions to us"

Following Daisy here are couple more:

The Amber Spyglass

"The party from the road slowed to a halt, and Mary clambered stiffly down, knowing that she would ache later on"

Sophies World

"I think has something to do with the brass mirror" Sophie jumped again

I herebye tag



  1. Organizations in Depth sounds like a gripping read!!

  2. LOL. Awesome. I am terrible at completing these though, but I will try!!! ;-)

  3. yes Daisy - all about the life and times of a submariner :)

  4. Such an honor. Thanks. Hey, I was just reading your Squidoo page. Very nice! Now you have given me something else to waste my time on. I am also thinking of doing a skepticism and atheism page. That will give me a voice that I don't often use on my blog and give me a single spot where I can talk about ALL of this stuff: from atheism, to critical thinking, to superstitions, debunking, etc. Have fun out there!


  5. Very interesting meme. :) Thank you for the tag - sure I'll be glad to participate.