Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hunches, Evidence and Red Herrings

As we know significant events in the social world have us all grasping for meaning. The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd are clear evidence of that. How many speculative explanations have been put forward already, each one forming and disolving as information about circumstances and context emerge. Patience it seems is not a virtue we have much of when we thirst for answers.

What events like this show is the vulnerability of the human condition.Sadly there is a certain level of Hubris that seems to come with positions of high merit, authority and capability, such that successful people often make a misleading connection between their ability to ‘explain and control’ their job and the prospect of doing the same for themselves…a sort of “I’m used to the world going my way because I have the intellect, power and authority to make it that way…I am omnipotent, I am omniscient, I am infallible”

The traits, style and art involved in becoming a great leader always carry the seeds of potential downfall. When a person realises that they have been gullible in that regard tragic outcomes often result.

Gullibility is merely an act of being human.

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