Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Does an Education Make You Gullible?

I spotted this interesting post about the value of a college degree. I can only presume that the author has benefited from their education as this has enabled them to write a critically reflective post on the matter...education by the back door...GOTCHA!


  1. Love your writing. Keep up the great work. I will be checking in often to read more.

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  2. "education by the back door...GOTCHA!"

    I'll take it any door I can get it. Heck... I'd even settle for a window. :)

  3. Well Cam, there's being receptive and there's being open to anything..if windows are your preference I'd make sure they're double glazed :)

  4. BTW - I appreciate the link, without which I would have never found your blog. I'm now a subscriber. :)

  5. Although I'm still working on mine (5 classes left), I was able to get a real good job based on my military experience. I would say I make more than a lot of folks just getting out of college.