Sunday, 30 March 2008

Heathrow T5 to be re-named Dunning-Kruger Hub

image credit via Frank Schilling

One of the classic features of Gulliblity is the percieved gap between somebody's ambition and their capability.

Hot on the heels of the Heathrow Terminal 5 fiasco an emergency Bill is being rushed before parliament to be signed this coming Tuesday re-naming Heathrow's Terminal 5 The Dunning-Kruger Hub.

In a smooth PR move Heathrow management have issued a press release saying that the name change is to... quote... "Ensure customer loyalty during moments of truth. The 'DKNY' campaign will emphasise and strengthen air-relations with US customers"...presumably pasengers are being given complimentary extra dark sunglasses so that they won't be able to see the fiasco in operation!


  1. Nice post! I really think the renaming is indeed very apt.
    I still recalled my first visit to London Heathrow. I had to survive from my hand luggage for a couple of days before they found my bag. Oh gosh.. I wouldn't want to be there to witness the chaos at T5.

  2. Excellent! You should have saved this for April 1st!