Thursday, 20 March 2008

So You Think You Can Predict The Future?

We all know that a key aspect of being human is our need to anticipate and predict the actions of others. (Of course you knew I'd say that) In fact some of our most respected behaviours such as leadership display the knack of giving -sense to the uncertain and apparently un-predictable.

Like most of our abilities however there are good and bad sides to it. Our urge to know what is around the corner can soon disintegrate into Gullibility which leaves us prey to people who claim to have all the answers. Nobody is immune to the lure of future insights claimed by a whole range of people from astrologers to marketing mystics.

So, just how good are you? I stumbled across which will track how accurate your predictions are, there's also a nice little community developing if you are into the social networking side of things

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