Sunday, 16 March 2008

I ra Q Test - can you predict where the missing piece should go?

If you were able to solve the puzzle why not apply to the government as a scenario planner?

I can completely understand that once you are in a war that things become frenetic unpredictable and confusing...I'm sure we've all heard of the Fog Of War

What seems a little less comprehensible is the fact that the best brains who should have been applying the best scenario planning and contingency methods PRIOR to embarking on the IRAQ are now admitting Lack of any one with a modicum of IQ will realise 'failure of implementation is always a failure of formulation'..or in more military vernacular 'Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance'

For a senior government official to glibly admit this is incredible in the light of the numbers of maimed and killed. Surely with centuries of diplomatic experience to draw from, lack of anticipation of the toxic fallout from the invasion is probably one of the biggest gaffs of geo-political strategy ever encountered?

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