Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Moment of Truth for Hillary Clinton?

Will Texas and Ohio be the moment of truth for Hillary and what will that 'truth' really be?

At one level it will be simply the fact that she 'didn't win', but moments of truth are ususally deeper than that. She will have to face a knock to her identity and her world view. Whatever has been constructed in her aspirations and imaginings will come crumbling down as 'the truth' really dawns.

RR says:
Kirkham (1995) likens the problem of defining Truth to “one of those Magic Sphere puzzles in which several odd pieces of wood must be fitted together”. This is because it is not just the layman that is prone to operating from assumptions when addressing questions of Truth, professional philosophers do too. In what he describes as a ‘Four Dimensional Confusion’ (Kirkham 1995:1) he explains that “very few writers on truth show any awareness that the philosophers with whom they disagree may have had a different conception of the philosophical problem of truth”. (My emphasis). This is particularly significant because it means that the question ‘what is truth’ is not only contested (i.e. different people hold competing opinions of what it takes for something to be true) it is also such an ambiguous question that it allows for very different interpretations of what is actually being asked!

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