Thursday, 27 March 2008

25 Reasons You Might Be a Deluded Blogger

image taken from Colinski

With each post you might just be putting your head deeper into the sand. Judging by what it takes to get into Top 25 Blogs It seems that in pursuit of the dream millions of us are deluding ourselves with grandeur:

Some symptoms you might recognise...

Blogging Finger (digital medii nervosa)
Visitor Numbers Anxiety Syndrome
Blog Blank
Creative Hypertension
Traumatic Post Stress
Tag listlessness
Cranial Stumbles
Community Fever
Delusions of Authority
Aching Mind
Friendly Feed Fire (superficial burnerfeed)
Inspirational Rejection Psychosis
Memetic unspiralling
Rank Rancour
Network Notwork
Anti-Social Socialising a form of STD (socially transmitted diatribe)
Verbal Blockage
Obsessional Affiliation Psychosis
Analytical Analitis
Blog Thrush
Specific Topic Myopia
Stretched Metaphor Syndrome
Delusional Uniqueitis
Observational Quirkyspondylitis

1 comment:

  1. You are definitely in my Top 25! I have every freaking one of those diseases! "Anti-Social Socializing" BRILLIANT!