Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Terrorists Gullibly Underestimate British Bulldog

credit the BBC

Three Cheers for John Smeaton an ordinary guy stepping up to the plate to do an extraordinary thing.

The Fifth Columnists in Great Britain really have missed the point about the core characteristics of British Society. John Smeaton is evidence of that. Do they sincerely think that they are displaying moral and intellectual incisiveness when they point out the everyday challenges a free western society faces?

The very society they accuse of being decadent (and yes there are examples of extremes that are not to everyone's taste) is one that is founded on principles of fairness, resiliance, doing the right thing not just dogamtically doing things right, and standing up to injustice and underhand behaviour.

Actions speak louder than words...one sort of man skulks in the shadows,bites the hand that feeds it and picks of vulnerable 'soft targets' in an indiscriminate manner...the other sort of man is brave, unassuming, protects the vulnnreable and does his bit without regard for himself.

So...my paint balling campers what sort of men are you?


  1. He's wonderful isn't he? Made me proud to come from the West of Scotland.

    I think it's probably been very hard for him to keep his feet on the ground since he became famous overnight but he seems to be coping admirably.

    Whether I would intervene or not...yes on some days, no on others. It depends on how confident you're feeling, whether you have other people to protect and, above all, I think it depends on who else is around. It's the usual, on a desert island who would take charge, thing. If I was with a group of rugby players I probably wouldn't bother intervening, if I was with a group of old ladies, then I would.

    I think it's also to do with "owning" your space. John Smeaton worked there so he probably felt kind of in charge. Also, and above all, in my view, this incompetent terrorist attack took place in Glasgow and Glaswegians are, I think, comfortable in their skins in a way that other people aren't and, as John said, are not afraid to get stuck in.

  2. :) I guess Eng-Brits will have to claim sporting interest rights over Andy Murray too LOL!