Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Mcanns - Mis-fortunes of a Managerial Middle Class?

The tragedy of the Mcann case seems relentless, and I'm sure that there are many thousands of parents who in their quiet moments think 'there but for the grace of God go I', or in a less religious way feel 'thank goodness this isn't happening to our family'

As social animals however, we learn from the misfortune of others, and the full diversity of 'blamers', 'dis-believers', cynics and supporters are all part of the social aspects of learning process as we all try to make sense of what has happened and how we should operate in the world in future. Just 50 years ago the reach and power of the Mcann family's social network would have been much less than it is today, and so less people would have known of the incident and less of us could take any lessons from it.

One lesson in particular seems deeply profound for me. It concerns the deep rooted assumptions that the 'well-educated' and professional are trained to believe about their ability to understand, measure and control events. This almost sub-conscious approach to life pervades most of western society and education, and sets up a well educated middle class individual to believe that they are schooled in the ways of the world, to the extent that the can take 'managed' risks that will protect them from the unexpected and unforseen, and that even should things go wrong they can deploy rational, dispassionate, analytical technques to regain 'normality'. A sort of pan M.B.A.ing of society. Gerry and Kate as qualified professionals are publicly demonstrating this 'life strategy' on every public appearance.

The trouble is...the world is massively unpredictable, there are people that 'smell' opportunities that the noses of the managerial middle class are dulled to. A world where 'you'll be hearing from my solicitor' doesn't count. There is a thing called Fortune and yes it might be a meta-physical notion. Nevertheless one thing it did was sensitise people to the fact that unwanted and unexpected happen. There are some things we can't throw our qualifications and our professional standing at to put it right when it goes wrong.

The Mcanns have paid their dues to Fortuna...I thinks it's time for some good Fortune to come their way!


  1. Yes, I see your point here. What has happened to them is absolutely the most dreadful situation. Fate and fortune are two fickle beasts, and we are all victims to their whims throughout our lives to greater or lesser extents.

    No comfort for the McCann family, I am sure.......

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yes, is puzzling isn't it that we all know so much about the world and its ways in many ways and yet there is always the curve ball!

  3. guilty as sin didnt intend too kill own child but drug availabity was there good night ahead as they planned mistake happened now tryying but trying really hard to get aw\ay with it please i really hope wrong dont think so to many ? stik to original hypotheseus
    guilty as sin
    check it out logically

  4. Thanks R Aldridge. definitely a valid approach to creating a theory for what might have happened. I'd say you fall on the side of Descartes who used 'reason' to arrive at explanantions. Although you are using some empirical evidence albeit based on 'testimony'. I wonder if your theory will prove to be true in the end.

  5. Hi Upyours, a fascinating comment. Can I check who you might be referring too? the Mcanns, the perpetrators if not the McCanns, their family?, the Portuguese Police, the local Portuguese, the press.

    or did you mis-spell cow herds?

  6. Reasonable, your play on words had me in stitches. You are too witty for your own good.

    I think ,up yours' may have meant the McCanns. This class issue has possibly left them to believe that they are better than most. Would a single mother from a council scheme have got off so lighlty?? Dont think so?? They havnt paid their dues by any means. Either way, a little girls life has been turned upside down due to lack of care by her parents. FACT?

    Reasonable, maybe you have found the answer to solving the ills of the world with your curve ball theory!! You should be working for MI5.

  7. Hi resonable,

    Fascinated by your grasp of the english language and your attempt be-little 'up yours' comment?

    Maybe you are the next cracker or should be working for MI5? Maybe you can solve the McCann mystery because you have certainly appear to have the skill to get to the bottom of any issues 'if you know what I mean'?

    No doubt you will swallow the english dictionary in your respnse to this?

    Bradley Sky